Green Acres Mobile Home Park, where fatal fire occurred (Google street view)

Fire investigators are sifting through ashes, trying to determine what caused a 1AM Thursday morning fire that killed four persons, including 3 children, in a Benton City mobile home park.

Benton County Deputies say the fire broke out around 1AM at a home in the Green Acres Mobile Home Park. When fire crews were able to extinguish the blaze the bodies of three children and one adult were found inside. No identifications have been reported yet.  It is not known how many people were in the home, or if any got out.

KEPR TV reports the Red Cross responded and was providing assistance to what they said was a family of 9.  Another home was damaged by the flames, but to what degree is not known.

UPDATE---sources now say it's possible propane tanks in or close by the home contributed to the speed, heat and spread of the flames. The dead are identified as a mother and 3 of her children.