Probably the best hill for sledding in all of the Tri-Cities is Carmichael Middle School in Richland just off Wellsian Way. Unfortunately, many people know that and the hill is chaos after a good snow. If you're looking for somewhere to take the kids or grandkids tonight or this weekend, here are our favorite spots.
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  • White Bluff Elementary School

    Safety Rating: Good

    If schools don't allow sledding during recess, they at least expect kids to sled before and after school. That means they usually landscape safe hills with good clearance at the bottom. Sledding is a high risk activity anywhere, but if I can go to a school, that's what I prefer.

    Flickr, Curtis Fry
  • Thompson Hill

    Safety Rating: Not Good

    The hill itself is good anywhere you can access it, but the road near 360 Cellars (which also goes by Thompson Hill Cellars) is a favorite of many. There are rocks and roots everywhere in this area, however. Also, sledding on a road is never safe.

    Flickr, Skpy
  • Canyon Lakes Golf Course

    Safety Rating: OK, but you may be trespassing

    Golf courses make FANTASTIC sledding spots, but some do not appreciate being so. The Tri-Cities Country Club was where I went as a child, but after years of discouraging access, management finally built a fence. Don't go where people don't want you.

    Flickr, Skpy
  • Natural Bowl Behind Costco

    Safety Rating: Moderate

    This is the favorite spot of someone in my office, but I've never been there myself. It's a natural bowl along Pittsburgh Street near the Costco fuel center. Turn up the hill near Sonic. I gave it a moderate rating because it's near health care should you need it but my coworker likes it because it is steep.

    Flickr, Skpy
  • Ice Harbor Dam

    Safety Rating: Not Safe

    This site is several miles from a medical center should you get hurt. It may also be on private property. I only recommend this area to people with older children. That said, it is my boss's favorite. Take Highway 12 to Highway 124 and just before Ice Harbor Drive on the right side you'll see a hill. It's a quarter-mile walk from the road, but supposedly it's worth it.

    Flickr, Oddharmonic