Brina Palencia has been talking to you for years. You might have even heard her voice in your dreams. No, she doesn’t live in your closet. She has provided voices for tons of English language versions of popular Japanese anime films and television series, most notably the ‘Dragonball Z’ series.

When she isn’t voicing popular anime characters, or producing her own web series, Brina is one of the hosts of ‘GameStop TV.’ She agreed to talk to us about her upcoming movie roles, voiceover work and Danny Glover. But seriously, who DOESN’T want to talk about Danny Glover?

GuySpeed: You were in ‘The Ghost of Goodnight Lane’ along with another recent ‘Crush of the Day.’ Please tell us you made a ‘Zoolander’ reference to Billy Zane.

Nope, sorry! I never made a Zoolander reference. That probably would have been a sure fire way to make him never want to talk to me on set.

GuySpeed: You were in ‘Chasing Shakespeare’ with Danny Glover. Want to try and make “Stay out of this Danny Glover” a popular catchphrase?

“Stay out of this” with any first and last name is a good catch phrase, in my book. Sadly, I never actually got to meet Danny Glover on set. The movie involves a lot of flashback scenes to his character’s childhood in the 70s, so I met the teen version of him. I was a racist high schooler. I did get to meet Graham Green! He was awesome!

GuySpeed: You’ve done a ton of voiceover work, especially in the ‘Dragonball Z’ series. Ever had a guy ask you to do a particular voice while fiddling with each others ‘controllers’?

I haven’t, thank god. I do get requests on panels and autograph signings all the time at anime conventions and comicons.

GuySpeed: You did a short video called ‘How Not To Quit Your Day Job.’ What’s the best way to quit a gig?

What I learned from the film was to save as much money as you can while you’re at the job you hate, so you can have a nice nest egg while you pursue the job you love. Oh, and quitting drinking is a good way to save cash, but I don’t think I’d be willing to sacrifice that much.

GuySpeed: What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

I’ve had a few. I was a waitress at Denny’s and was told numerous times that I was the worst waitress to ever walk the face of this earth. I have to admit, they were right. I never smiled, and I constantly forgot stuff and didn’t care that I forgot. I sucked at the service industry. That’s why I always tip well. Serving is a skill; one I never mastered. I also worked for one day at a plastic surgery clinic. They fired me after I told one of their patrons, “No, I didn’t get my lips done here. They’re natural.”

GuySpeed: Nothing ticks us off more than normal girls posing as ‘nerds’ because it’s the cool thing to be these days. Does it bother you? And yes, we pretty much just called you a nerd, but in the sweetest possible way.

I gotta be honest, I even feel like a poser sometimes. When I host GameStop TV, I always have to talk about games I know nothing about. I just read whatever’s on the teleprompter. When I go to conventions, I’m always schooled by somebody. However, when I try to have a conversation about games or anime or sci fi or horror films with regular girls, I’m quickly reminded that yes, I’m pretty frakkin’ nerdy.

GuySpeed: We found a video on YouTube of you singing. You’ve got an amazing voice. We wrote a little ditty song called ‘The hottest and awesomest guys in the world are super busy being cool right now and they can’t get to the phone.’ Could you sing it so we can use it as our voicemail message?

I’d love to!

GuySpeed: Let’s say a guy you really liked challenged you at a video game that you were great at — would you kick his virtual butt or let him win?

I would never pretend to be bad at something to get a guy to like me. That’s stupid. In the same respect, I would never want a guy to let me win at anything just because they like me. That is in no way hot, and it takes the fun out of it. Especially considering the fact that I’m not very good at most 3 dimensional games. Old school side scroller? I will MURDER you!!

Brina Palencia appears on GameStopTV, has her own YouTube channel, produces her own web series and also has a nerd rap. Get it now on iTunes.