Weird News

WA Driver Busted for Using Stuffed Dino in Carpool Lane
I get it, you've got places to be. You're in a hurry, and the traffic is doing its shenanigans again.
While I have to give credit for this driver for both creativity and brashness, it's a hard-earned ticket.
Washington State Trooper Rick Johnson pulled over a speeding driver in the carp…
Spokane Ranks Bottom 10 for Dating Nationwide
If there's one thing I don't miss, it's dating. The hassle of making plans, the stress of making a good impression, and the inevitability of awkward conversation. Will this restaurant give my date the wrong idea about me? Is this shirt too casual...
Kennewick Mom Didn't Know She Was Pregnant for 9 Months
(Note: the photo does not depict subject of this story.)
A Kennewick woman is about to have her third child and she's just now hearing about it.
Sara Taylor found out literally last week that she's pregnant and her due date is tomorrow...

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