Every time the weekend rolls around, and we make all these promises to ourselves: We're going to actually do laundry, we're not going to spend the entire weekend in the basement, we're not going to eat cold tacos for breakfast, blah blah blah. This weekend will be different!  We're sharing our video to-do list with the world, to help keep us accountable. Does your car need a wash, too?


1. Get some exercise.

2. ...Or at least take a walk.

3.Buy more coffee.

4. Clean the bathroom.

5. Do something creative.

6. Finally get the motorcycle washed.

7. Tackle that pile of dishes in the sink.

8.Catch up on work stuff (make those copies.)

9.Try to eat local, healthy stuff all weekend long.

10.Go to the library.

Good luck, and remember: Being productive feels good!