Let's say your girl is on the stuffy side. She always seems to have a headache or says she forgot to do the laundry or reminds you that the kids are still awake whenever you're making your move. Why not help her out this Valentine's Day with a smooth 'lighten the hell up' cocktail? (The fact that you say "cocktail" and not "drink" will be a nice start.) There are several versions on the definition of the word cocktail but who cares? Just saying it that way makes you want one. Say it: "COCK-tail," See?

Anyway, here are the best cocktails to serve her this Valentine's Day -- or any other day, for that matter:


1.  The Corpse Reviver

First of all, don't tell her what the name of this cocktail is or she will be pissed. Wait until after you have revived her. Here is how to make it and it is simple.

The plain Corpse Reviver cocktail is a cognac-based cocktail, with two parts cognac, one part Calvados or equivalent apple brandy, and one part sweet vermouth. Use in a martini glass. Boom! Simple and yummy!

2. Singapore Sling will wake her ass up, too. You guys can make this together and have a good time while doing it.

Serve in a high ball glass or a tall glass straight or blended. I like blended.

3.  Brass Monkey. You will have fun with just the name.

Use a high ball glass or tall glass.

4.  Angel Face ... and you can say you named it after her.

Short glass or medium glass depending on how much you wanna put in it!

5.  Apple Martini is always the perfect chick drink.

Use this in a champagne glass or martini glass depending on what you have on hand.

You can make all of these drinks and even sock Gummy Bears or Gummy Hearts in them and use those as your cubes.

These are just a few ways to loosen her up and have yourself a fantastic Valentine's Day night!