The best ways to avoid getting your lights punched out are to run away or cower and beg for mercy, but sometimes physical confrontations are unavoidable. That’s why it helps to learn a way to deflect an attack before a guy lays you out.

Men’s Health presents an illustrated guide on how to defend yourself against fisticuffs. The post recommends leaning in to the attacker, thrusting your arms forward to stop the punching arm at the shoulder. If you’re successful, you might buy yourself enough time to get away or verbally diffuse the situation.

The most important step, which some people tend to forget, is that an attacker never throws just one punch.

“Prepare for round two. After intercepting the first punch, try to back off, but always be ready for more. By now, your wingman should have put down his beer and come to help defuse the situation.”

If you really want to learn how to fight, you’ll need to work on honing your timing and reflexes. Just remember to avoid fighting whenever possible and that no one likes to punch someone who’s already crying.