It was a busy city council meeting in Kennewick last Tuesday. They decided to flout state law and forbid the sale of marijuana in the city while councilman John Trumbo proposed the body begin prayers. A Supreme Court ruling recently said it was permissible and Trumbo said it would "create the proper attitude and sense of seriousness." Stuff like this is embarrassing to me.

Prayer is discouraged because there's a separation of church and state in this country. That means a separation between action in service of everyone and religiosity held by some. Sounds like a good rule, but because some rural small town in New York was given the green light Kennewick should start?

In this country everyone votes and the majority wins their way and then everyone must abide. So it's interesting to me that Kennewick City would decide the body representing everyone should pray to appease the few while on the other hand a law passed by the majority for everyone to follow can be disregarded if they disagree. Is that the "proper attitude"?

It just seems like everything is going backwards.

And what's their reasoning for banning marijuana sales? Everybody's automatically assuming anyone who indulges in marijuana is going to tax the cops, hurt businesses, commit rampant DUIs, etc. What do you think they're doing now? The law just allows it to be regulated and for tax money to be collected to address the bad seeds.

It's bad enough the will of the people is being denied because of the flimsy excuse that "my constituents voted against it." But then someone had to propose that the stores would make access easier for teens. Are you kidding? You must be 21 to go in a store. But kids just walk through halls at school and ask for weed and get it. That's "Reefer Madness" logic! 


OK. Fine. Richland is our last option to see state law enacted as the will of the people decided. Will they buck the trend? They went out on a limb with fireworks. On certain issues the three cities act autonomously. We can only hope.