I logged in to Facebook today to find a message saying that Facebook had deemed my page a "business" account posing as a personal account. By closing my account they've blocked me from photos of my wife and daughter I had saved nowhere else. I went to the "help" page looking for a way to appeal or at least request my photos back. Nothing. Screw Facebook.

I'm a DJ, so maybe they thought my page looked like a business account the same way a professional musician might have a Facebook account for their career. But it was not a "AJ For Hire, Incorporated" account. It was my personal Facebook account where I friended people and they friended me back. Anyone can follow a fan page or business page. I don't want just anybody seeing my photos and knowing what I'm doing. I also have a business account for my club disc jockeying business.

There's no phone number to call to complain or make my case. I couldn't find an email or way to message them. I've heard of TONS of times when Facebook made a mistake. So they don't have to be accountable? They can erase someone's intellectual property and not be accountable?

Is this what we want from social media? Dictators who destroy on a whim or with inaccurate/incomplete information and allow no way to explain or appeal?

I boycotting Facebook and I think you should too. Younger kids are already jumping ship because it's already being taken over by grandmas.