The kids attending this year's annual Minecraft Convention, known as MineCon, proved that true gamers still exist. You know, those youngsters that are so consumed by their fantasy worlds that they struggle to connect with people in the real world. Now, take a large group of those kids and have them ask questions to the a panel of Minecraft game developers (who were probably in these kids' shoes at one point in their life). The results are a cringe worthy kind of cute.

Labeling someone as a 'gamer' used to also associate them with the labels of 'nerd' and 'geek'. Now that it is 'cool' to dress like Steve Urkel and playing console, PC, and mobile games has become an everyday act for millions of Americans, the term 'nerd' doesn't carry the same disdain as it used to in the 90's and early 2000's. Truth is, nerds and geeks run the world. That doesn't mean that tossing on a pair of Buddy Holly looking wayfarers is going to get you ahead in life.

These kids though, they seem to be from another generation. Truly old only-four-buttons-on-the-controller-and-you-get-stuck-with-the-one-that-has-a-busted-B-button kind of old soul.

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