In 2012, Grinnell College guard Jack Taylor dropped an unheard of 138 points against Faith Baptist Bible College. Still the highest point total for a player in a single game in NCAA history. In 2013, Taylor has topped triple digits once again scoring 109 points in just 29 minutes! Grinnell went on to win 173-123 over Crossroads. It's quite the feat, but really not as incredible as it sounds.

It is early in the season, but Taylor is already at mid season form averaging 90 points per game! Impressive, but people are wondering why this kid isn't playing Division I ball yet for an NCAA National Championship contender.

Truth is, the team's unique style of play has a lot to do with the outrageous statistics. Taylor is humble when he is asked about his play, always quick to thank his teammates. That's because his teammates will forgo wide open layups to dish the ball back out to Taylor to shoot one of his few dozen three point attempts that game. Cherry picking, lacking defensive play, passing to one player to shoot/score, and subbing in four players almost every minute helps keep the Grinnell team fresh on the court and simply funnels their entire offense through one player.

Yeah, the kid can shoot, there is no denying that, but if Taylor is as good at basketball as the records make him look, why is he still heaving up 40+ three pointers per game for a Division III school?

Watch highlights from Jack Taylor's 109 Point game for Grinnell College