Think Stock

A Kentucky man was arrested last week over shooting a drone out of the sky. The drone was hovering over his property. He said that he took the quad-copter out because it was hovering over his property and spying on his neighbor's daughter, who was sunbathing.William Merideth took out the drone with a shotgun in Hillview, Kentucky and was arrested for first-degree criminal mischief and first-degree wanton endangerment.

What would you do? If a drone was hovering over my property and spying on my kids or my neighbor's, I would take the damn thing out, too.

So far, nothing is happening to the people who were controlling the device. But, the question is, if they were not being mischievous, then what the hell were they doing? Making sure no one was using water because of the drought? I think not!

What should drones be used for?

Carrying animals to the doctor?

Delivering food to the homeless?

Paying your rent so you do not have to see your landlord?

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