Andrew is our digital expert. He usually is right about what blog ideas are good, and what blog ideas are bad. Usually. We get into it sometimes when we don't see eye to eye on an idea. It's always in good fun. I've learned time to time that Andrew is almost always right, and he will let you know when he is. This time, Andrew was wrong.

Yesterday, I told AJ a story that he insisted should be a blog post. It was a story about my balls. Those balls.

AJ and I pitched the idea to Andrew, who shook his head, said it was a stupid idea and that it wouldn't work.

When he finally gave me the green light, the post exploded, hitting 1,400 views overnight.

I insisted Andrew should do something to acknowledge that for once in my time here, I was right and he was wrong. Andrew, being a good sport, elected to kiss my shoe.


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