Earlier this week, Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward released a lengthy statement saying he would not be participating in a Black Sabbath reunion due to contract disagreements. Black Sabbath's response? Remove all photos of Ward from the homepage collage and gallery section on the bands official website. I bet they unfriended him on Facebook too.

Speaking of which they took to Facebook to keep their comments about Ward short and...sweet?

So, instead of a detailed comment, they perform (for lack of a better term) this a chicken s**t move? Sounds like something a high school girl would pull on an ex boyfriend. Take a look at the website and you can see how they have overlapped images to make sure Ward is not visible. How lame.

Black Sabbath will perform a hometown concert in Birmingham, England Saturday night in preparation for the Download Festival at Donington next month. A replacement drummer for the upcoming gigs will be in place, but the band is yet to reveal their identity.