A Monday morning hit and run accident resulted in a 23-year-old Pasco man being arrested on multiple charges--not including a really bad paint repair job.

Around 8AM Officers responded to the Circle K at 26th and Court, for a report of a driver who slammed into another occupied vehicle, then sped off; but not before pausing long enough for eyewitnesses to get his license plate.

Then just over two hours later, an anonymous tip led Police to the 500 block of North 24th, where the suspect vehicle was seen in a parking lot. The driver, identified as Fausto Rodriguez-Pineda, was backing up but stopped when Officers lit up the lights.

During the investigation and questioning, Pineda showed strong signs of being under the influence, and alleged narcotics were found in his pockets. A Drug Recognition Officer determined he was under the influence of depressants and stimulants.

Later in the day as officers were preparing to tow the vehicle, K-9 Hapo2 alerted on the car to the likely presence of drugs. Additional narcotics were found inside.

It was also noticed that Pineda has attempted to hide the damage from his earlier hit and run with a rattle can spray paint job--but the color didn't match. He's now facing a multitude of charges. The person whose car he hit earlier in the day was not hurt in that incident.

There's a difference between white, and off-white.


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