When you think of Playboy Icon Hugh Hefner you probably think of naked women,wild sex parties at the mansion and a life of leisure and babes.

 But what I found may shock you. It seems that Mr. Hefner while surrounded by beautiful women, he's dating 2 women 28-year-old Shera Bechard and 24-year-old Anna Sophia Berglund but appears to be kind of boring. According to the Times of India, Hef  likes  to spend his evenings watching old movies and playing cards! Shocking I know right. In the article they say the 85 year old spends at least 2 nights a week playing cards, like gin rummy and UNO and at least 3 nights a week watching old movies.

Definitely not what I expected from Hugh. If you were dating 2 hot chicks would you want to play cards and watch old movies? Just saying.