Pasco ATM-West Richland Robber?

West Richland Police have notified Pasco Officers they think the suspect who brazenly held up a motorist in the HAPO ATM drive-thru last Saturday is the same person who knocked off a Circle K in West Richland in April.

On April 2nd, WRPD says a gun-toting suspect entered the store around 11:30PM, displayed a black semi-automatic pistol, then after committing the crime, crossed Van Giesen Street and got in a getaway vehicle. The suspect, described as skinny, between 5'10" and a white male, looks remarkably like the ATM suspect.

In that crime, a man and his family were using the HAPO ATM at the location just north of the Pasco Red Lion last Saturday night, when the suspect approached from behind, waved the same style gun, and demanded "everything" from the driver.

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The man threw his cash, and used the distraction to speed away. The victims heard at least two shots being fired, Police found shell casings in the area. A K-9 trace into the nearby golf course was lost, and the suspect is still at large.

ATM surveillance captured these images from the Pasco crime, compare them with the West Richland incident. The physical description of the suspect matches closely that of the West Richland perp.

Anyone who may have information about this person or case, you're urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.  It's rather alarming the suspect chose to rob a suspect IN their vehicle at the ATM, that's a ploy we've not heard much of around here.

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