Benton County Deputies had to break out a window to remove a stubborn drunk driver in East Kennewick early Sunday morning.

 The driver slammed into a parked vehicle, then passed out

In the early morning hours of Sunday, Deputies were dispatched to a location in East Kennewick, the BCSO did not give the exact address, to respond to a crash.

When they arrived, they found the male drive in a Honda Pilot, they had struck a parked vehicle and then passed out behind the wheel.  Deputies were able to awaken the man, but he refused to exit the vehicle. Deputies used patrol cars to pin the vehicle so the man could not drive away.

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Eventually, Deputies had to break open a passenger window to remove him, he was taken to the Benton County jail on suspicion of DUI and driving on a suspended license.

No other injuries or property damage occurred as a result of the incident.

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