I don't like many 'reality'  TV shows, but pretty much anything on History channel is worth watching. 'Pawn Stars' is definitely one that I will waste 30 minutes (or two hours if its a marathon) of my life on the couch.

Every episode I see that one painting of Jim Morrison from The Doors and wondered who it was by. Thanks to the trivia leading into the commercials during the episode I watched tonight, I learned that it was created by Denny Dent - a speed painter who created numerous paintings of famous musicians, athletes, and other celebrities. After the jump, check out the video of Denny rockin' out some amazing pieces of art.

The most impressive thing is that Dent isn't using any sort of picture as reference. Just flinging and flailing paint and producing seriously incredible and one-of-a-kind pieces of work.

The Jim Morrison portrait can be purchased for just under $10,000 from 'Gold & Silver Pawn', the Pawn Shop in Las Vegas where 'Pawn Stars' take place. You can also find other original works online, most of which range in price from $15,000 to $35,000. Next time I'm in Vegas, if the dice treat me REAL well, I'll be visiting Chumlee for a screaming deal on that painting!

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