It's time to look back at how awesome we were in 2011 and pat ourselves on the back. We worked hard, we played hard, we rocked hard. We don't do resolutions at 97 Rock; we're already as badass as we can get. Need proof, here's our own Top 10 of ourselves. Click the headlines to read the original story.Not surprisingly, our most popular stories were about upcoming concerts. You don't have to guess what the second most popular topic was: women. But the list also includes some unexpected hits like a zany story about Tommy Lee's drum kit and an in-depth investigative journalism piece from The Brad about his favorite painting. Hope you enjoy!

  • 10

    Tips for Tatas with the Riverside

    I'm not sharing the link; the picture is dirty.

    This post from May 10 featured a photograph of women wearing nothing more than short shorts and our stickers. And I mean NOTHING MORE. This post got 1001 hits, making it our No. 9, but I refuse to include it in the list except at the bottom because I can't believe we got away with publishing that photograph the first time! I can't keep you from visiting right now and looking it up, but I'm not disseminating it.

  • 11

    97 Rocktoberfest 2011

    924 hits from Sept. 13

    You guys like your rock festivals. Here's 97 Rock's very own we hosted a few months ago.

  • 12

    Waste Time at Work Minute

    1181 hits from two weeks ago.

    This was a song parody of "99 Balloons" that made fun of all the names we give tatas. You perverts loved this one and made it our biggest hit of the month. You Facebooked it and watched it over and over and over. I thought song parodies were about as cool as Rascal Flatts, but hey, if you like it, we'll serve it.

  • 13

    Jim Morrison Painting on Pawn Stars is by Denny Dent

    1356 hits and counting since July 6

    This was a huge success for The Brad. He was watching reality TV and kept seeing this cool painting of Jim Morrison. Finally he figured out who painted it and was amazed by the story. He wasn't the only one. People are STILL reading this story months later. I think it was the most popular story on Monday!

  • 14

    Tommy Lee's Roller Coaster Drum Kit

    1400 hits from June 9

    I'm not sure why you found this one so entertaining. There weren't even any girls in it. The story was about a concert at which Tommy Lee mounted his drum kit to a ring of fire -- or to be more accurate, a roller coaster that used a ring of fire for a track. If it sounds awesome, it's because it was.

  • 15

    Man Up Miller Lite Commercial Funny!

    1408 hits from Jan. 10

    We thought this ad was clever, and apparently so did you.

  • 16

    Nightmare After Christmas Tour

    1482 hits from Jan. 6

    This was just a story announcing Avenged Sevenfold was coming to town. You sure like your Avenged Sevenfold, though.

  • 17

    97 Rock Badass Bash featuring Saliva and Filter

    1515 hits from May 26

    This was a great show at the TRAC during Boat Races weekend.

  • 18

    Mid-Columbia's Hot Mom Contest

    3,551 hits from May 4

    ENUF said!

  • 19

    Most Popular Story of 2011 was "Rock Hard at the Park 2011"

    3,870 hits from Aug. 28

    This story about The Brad's adventures getting up to Spokane with friends to attend the Rock Hard festival gave a great review of the show while providing play-by-play details on how to rock hard ALL DAY.