I stumbled across this rad painting on the interweb today...

Have you ever wondered what one of America's most iconic, made-in Japan figures, would look like in the current day? I'm talking about Super Mario...that loveable little Tom Selleck mustached plumber, who bashed his brains on bricks to get money and trip-out on mushrooms and stars, all while riding a flying dinosaur. Yeah, that dood. Well, in 2013 Mario would be doing the same thing, but probably be much more of a gangster in real life.

Bob Dob is the artist and you'll notice the subjects in his paintings have a cartoon children kind of look, but are placed in a more adult and real life setting.

Check out a couple other cool pieces of his art up above and for the entire collection of paintings and drawings you can  like Bob Dob on Facebook, follow him on Twitter or visit BobDob.com.