It's bad enough that you yourself is a thief but to drag your kid into it is pretty despicable and what I'd call bad parenting.
Kennewick Police are the hunt for a suspect that stole several pairs of shoes from Foot Locker in Kennewick.

The sad part is the sneaker thief had a kid in tow with him.
Kennewick Police are needing your help in locating the suspect so they can charge him with theft.
Kennewick Police made this posting to their Facebook page concerning the suspects.
Here is what they said:
A suspicious male who was reported for shoplifting at the Foot Locker in the Kennewick Mall.
The business advised that rather than paying for the multiple pairs of shoes he selected, the male and juvenile left the location saying he would have to “speak with his wife” about a payment.
We would like to speak to him, or his wife too if need be so we can charge him with theft and recover the stolen property.
If you recognize him, please call us at (509) 628-0333 and provide KPD Case 20-39171
We often talk about the environment that kids are raised in is a cause of this kind of behavior and when a parent teaches their kid that stealing is ok, that's pretty sad.
If you know anything, reach out to the Kennewick Police Department.
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