Washington State Liquor Control Board Will Carry Out Initiative 502
I personally voted against Initiative 502, but it passed. So...know, what does that mean? Where will it be sold? Can you buy it with a gallon of milk? Can I grow weed myself...legally? I'm honestly not sure! There are numerous questions surrounding the entire initiative that will be answered in the coming weeks. One thing is for certain, this will not be a quick process. The Washington State Liquo
Election Day: Rockers Take Action on Twitter
It's arguably the most American day of the year (sorry, Fourth of July), as those with the rights given to them as American citizens are heading out to the polls today to cast their votes on both candidates and bills that will affect their immediate future.
My 2012 Presidential Election Voting Experience
It's the third year that I have been able to vote in the Presidential Election and this year was the most I have actually been involved. Of course, I have always taken advantage of my right as an American to vote. This year just felt different. More important.

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