A few weeks ago I decided enough was enough and it was time to shred some weight. Some of you may know I'm a fan of beer and chicken wings and by the picture to the left you can see they've done my body good. Now don't get me wrong just because I'm gonna lose weight doesn't mean I'm not a fan, once a fan always a fan but it's just time we take a break from one another and see what else is out there.

I made the decision that I was tired of my man handles and was going to lose weight some weight before I fly out to marry my beautiful fiance Lacey(future Mama Focker). I'm getting married in Cabo on Rocktober 13th and I wanted to feel and look my best for my future bride. So I put together a plan, to lose 30lbs. in 80 days.

To my surprise a week and a half into my challenge I would get a call from Arbor Healthcare in Richland and they had heard about my challenge and wanted to help. Knowing a little bit about the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program I've heard and seen some great stories. Seeing Big Bear from 102.7 KORD and Gail Sears who also works with me lose over 150lbs. collectively, I knew it worked for them why not me. So I took to leap and accepted their help and here we are.

Enjoy my "BEFORE" pictures above because soon enough I'll be showing you all my "AFTER" pics when I reach my goal. Listen each Monday afternoon for my weigh in recap and I encourage you to follow my journey on my 30 In 80 Facebook page.

If you are looking to lose 10 lbs or 100 lbs attend their free open house on Wednesday August 15th @ 6pm, RSVP to (509)946-7900.


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