Last week was a little tougher than I had imagined when it came to staying focused on my Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program because of odd work schedules and charity events. I attended on Thursday of last week a crab feed to raise money for the local Seattle Children's Hospital and also on Saturday night the annual Columbia Industries Gala dinner at the Lampson hangar in Pasco that was catered by Bonefish Grill. Both amazing events that raised a lot of money for local charities but they weren't going to change up their meals just for me so I had to keep my focus and only enjoy what's allowed on my diet. Lucky enough crab and steak are both on my weight loss program so I ate pretty darn good this past week.

I posted some great photos of some of my meals from last week on my 30 In 80 Facebook page and will keep you updated on how this week goes. If you don't know it's FAIR week so this could be a big hurdle to jump but again, like I've said when you have the support of friends, family, the staff at Arbor Healthcare and the motivation to reach a goal it makes it pretty easy.

Thanks again for all your support and oh yeah I totally forgot that I weighed in today and lost another 5 pounds last week!!! Check out the full specs of what I've lost below and if you want any more info regarding the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program through Arbor Healthcare in Richland give them a call at (509)946-7900 or visit them online.

My Success - Total of 14lbs. and 10 inches lost in two weeks!

Starting Specs on 8/6/2012 - Weight - 222, Arms - 14 in., Chest - 45 in., Waist - 43.5 in., Hips - 45.5 in.,       Thighs - 26.5 in.

Current Specs on 8/20/2012 - Weight - 208, Arms - 14 in., Chest - 44 in., Waist - 42 in.,  Hips - 44 in.,         Thighs - 23.5 in.