This weekend I went to my daughter's first dance recital. She's been going to a local studio in Kennewick. In 2013 their SENIORS elite group won the hip-hop world championships, which is a big deal in dance. This isn't Tri-Cities world champions, this is, like, real world champions. Needless to say they take this pretty seriously.

I went away with two thoughts from this recital. First is my daughter is addicted to performing. Even when not her turn, she was twirling, dancing, bowing and blowing kisses to the crowd. She's quite the ham onstage.

The second thing I came away with was wondering if I want my daughter dancing like that when she's 14. Not that these girls were not respectful and good dancers... they were amazing and blew me away. But I'm going to have to come to terms with my daughter moving in ways that make her like a woman (when she's a little child). But she loves it so much I guess I'll have to learn to live with it.

When I get the DVD finished, I'll share some clips.