Today is National Make Up Your Own Holiday and I've been asking everyone around the office if they could, what would the "Make Up" for their special holiday. Remind you I work with some very weird people.

National Make-Up Day - This is where everyone, INCLUDING MEN have to wear some sort of make-up to look better.

National Wings and Beer Day - This I came up with because I'm really craving wings and beer right now and why not celebrate the greatest pairing of food and beverages in the world.

National Shower Day - Everyone is forced to take a shower before they come to work. I tried to get them to adjust it and say National Shower at Work as a Group Day but they didn't go for it.

National Play A Game Day - Another personal favorite of mine and it consists of well... PLAYING, all day long. I don't care if it's video games, cards games, board games or any game you just have to play a game and LIKE IT.

Okay now here's your chance to comment below and let us know what "Holiday" would you make up for yourself?