Starting Friday Mid Columbia temperatures are supposed to climb above 100 degrees. The weekend and next week they could reach or exceed 110! Here are some ways to stay safe!


  • 1

    Big, Ice-Cold Soda Pop

    Some places are selling 32 oz. or even 44 oz. drinks for $0.89!

  • 2

    Go Watch TV in Bars and Restaurants

    Order a couple drinks and appetizers every hour and enjoy their air conditioning.

  • 3

    Splash Parks

    Honestly, this is only fun if you have kids... and then it's only fun for the kids. But it's cool!

  • 4

    Jump in the River

    Make sure you know the beach is safe! 4 people have died already this year playing in the rivers. Several parks have roped off beaches deemed safe.

  • 5

    Buy Ice and Make Home-Made Air Conditioners

    Several Youtube tutorials show you how to cool a room with a block of ice and some buckets.

  • 6

    Go to the Pool

    It's a lot safer than the rivers, but you never know how many kids peed in there! Joking aside, I love the pool!

  • 7

    Go Ice Blocking

    Buy a couple blocks of ice and bring some old towels. Put the towel on the ice for a saddle and slide down the hill on the ice!

  • 8

    Go to a Movie

    Go see one of the awesome blockbusters out now!

  • 9

    Walk Around the Mall

    There's a million things to look at in the mall -- even kids love it -- and it's nice and cool.

  • 10

    Go camping

    You maybe should just get out of town this weekend! Go up to Leavenworth, or see Mt. Rainier.