A Croatian woman is bringing cozy back to your crotch with her own line of hand-made to order penis warmers.

Winters in Croatia are so severe, women worry the weather will do devastating damage to their man’s genitalia and render them infertile. So, back in the day they’d knit socks to fit on their lovers’… ‘roosters’. Now, this 55 year old knitter, Radmilla Kus, is bringing the crafting tradition back in a big way.

Each penis warmer – known as a ‘nakurnjak’ – is made to order with Radmilla offering to do the measuring. She states that most guys are too shy to let her lay hands on them so they do it on their own, which often results in XXLs when really they’re Ms.

Summer’s right around the corner, so you might be able to score some serious discounts when stocking up for next winter. Nothing worse than telling a chick to give ya a moment so you can get ‘camera-ready’. Women are so impatient.


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