I mentioned the other day that both lotto's were up past $100 million bucks! That number is increasing with each ticket of the Power Ball and Mega Millions. I have a few places that I have won over $100 bucks at. Because of this, they are my places I buy my tickets.There has been very few times that I have won any kind of money from playing the lotto or scratch tickets. The places that I have won more than once are as follows:

AM/PM on River Road in Yakima. It is only been about $300 bucks in the last 4 years but it is something.

Rainer Place over by the Union Gap mall in Yakima Valley. I bought 3 scratch tickets and won $50 bucks on each.

The Chevron by the Toyota Arena in Kennewick. I won $200 bucks from a scratch ticket.

The Selah Chevron in Selah WA. This place has got me the most $500 bucks on 3 scratch tickets over the last year.

AM/PM off I-82 in Richland.

In actuality I have spent a total of $1000 on scratch tickets in the last 4 years. So the odds are pretty good. Still though, I would like to win the biggy one of these dang days.

Good luck! You can't win if you don't play.

Mega Millions is at $173 million and the next draw is May 19th.

With as high as that money is, buying one ticket for the lotto for only a dollar couldn't  hurt.

Powerball is at $120 million and the next draw is May 20th.

I can't wait to win because I am getting a new Harley-Davidson and a sailboat big enough to fit me, my ten friends and my Harley!

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