It really does seem like Slash is everywhere, no matter what the folks behind Comedy Central’s ‘South Park‘ try to tell you. The guitarist’s latest promotional effort leading up to next Tuesday’s (May 22) ‘Apocalyptic Love’ album release is his involvement with Walmart’s ‘Soundcheck‘ Series.

The guitarist and his band, featuring Myles Kennedy on vocals, took shot a six-song set that also included a brief interview about the new record. Slash says of the upcoming disc, “What’s really cool about this record is that it’s live in the moment. What you’re hearing is what actually happened at the time we were playing the song and there not like a lot of overdubs, so there’s a kind of energy that comes along with that.”

He then showed off exactly how that energy comes across with performances of the new single ‘You’re a Lie’ and the groove-heavy possible future release, ‘Standing in the Sun.’ The guitarist says that he feels the best way to do things is to approach it like how you would do them live, and because of that ‘Apocalyptic Love’ has a more spontaneous feel.

Other songs performed during the ‘Soundcheck’ session included three cuts from his earlier self-titled solo record — ‘Ghost,’ ‘Back From Cali,’ and ‘Starlight,’ — and an oldie but a goodie, ‘Mean Bone,’ dating back to his Slash’s Snakepit days.