Pasco police are seeking tips and leads in the brazen theft of a self-dumping trailer and a large excavator from a business on E. Columbia Street.

Around 10:37PM Sunday night, officials say someone, like multiple people, entered the equipment lot of the SAIA transport-hauling-heavy equipment company at 1400 E Columbia, and made off with a large black Felling trailer.

The person who cut the lock followed the truck out on foot, later during their investigation police made a curious discovery, someone had left a skateboard at the scene. SAIA workers all confirm it was not theirs and had not been there the last time they were open.

The self-dumping trailer is exactly like the one pictured, and sitting in the back of the hauler was an excavator. The unit taken is the same kind pictured in our story.

Police say one suspect seen on camera cut the lock and opened the gate, then someone else drove in a Dodge work truck, hooked up to the brand new trailer and excavator and drove off. The truck, pictured next to the semi in the picture, is described as white standard cab flatbed, with mounted toolboxes and work lights on the rear platform.

Anyone who may have any information is urged to call (509-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

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