Residents of a Mexico City, Mexico neighborhood began to complain to officials recently about an unusual taste in the water coming from their faucets.  The source will make you gag.

According to the London Daily Mirror newspaper online,  these complaints prompted city workers to inspect a large tank that supplies water for the area. Inside, they made a horrific discovery:  the body of a 27-year-old woman who had been missing for nearly a year.

Carmen Esparza, described as a pretty, aspiring actress, disappeared last February after she failed to return to her apartment flat after going to the gym. Her family filed a missing persons report, initially thinking she might have fallen victim to a growing human trafficking ring in that region. However, the investigation has now centered on a former boyfriend she was dating whom she broke up with before taking up a relationship with an attorney.

The reason for the foul taste coming from faucets in the area was because Esparza's body had drifted from the main tank into a smaller filtration tank, and had become completely putrified, according to the medical examiner.  She basically "soup."  Esparza was identified by plastic surgery implants that had coded numbers leading officials to her doctor, and gave the surgical dates and her identity.

Further investigations will be done on a few teeth found in the tank to absolutely confirm it's her.   Her family is raising questions as to why her discovery took nearly a year, and officials estimate she was in the tank for at nearly 11 months.

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