Siberian Husky Sings To Baby, Works Like A Charm [VIDEO]
I have a Great Dane and my dog is the best. When my kids are unruly or screaming he jumps up and down and starts barking to let them know that you can't do that. He isn't mean he just is very verbal. One day my youngest child was crying in a sad way and he went up, hugged her and gave her a howl as if everything was going to be OK. I wish I would have got that on video. But, someone did.
Fundraiser for Cataleya Vargas – Redneck Olympics and Live Music at Dax’s in Richland This Friday
On September 1st, a beautiful baby girl named Cataleya Vargas was brought into this world. She has been fighting to become healthy since the moment she was born due to complications throughout her mother's pregnancy. Cataleya stopped growing at 22 weeks and after 26 weeks doctors decided to deliver, deciding that Cataleya would have a better chance of survival outside of the womb. She is now almos