Pasco Police Now Say Stabbing Suspect In Custody
The incident occurred around 3:45AM Saturday, now Pasco Police have completed most of the investigation but area still working on some information. Officers say 21-year-old  Jennifer Arriaga of Pasco allegedly stabbed another woman in the arm, but did not inflict a life-threatening wound but the victim did require treatment...
Suspect Allegedly Stabbed Victim in Fight Over…a Cat!
PROSSER STABBING SUSPECT SOUGHT--- Prosser Police say 20-year-old Alberto Kuban allegedly stabbed a 42-year-old woman in a dispute over a cat early Friday morning. The incident occurred just after midnight Friday morning 8-21. Police say Kuban, his girlfriend and the victim were in a black GMC Yukon at the Prosser Rest Area near Exit 80 off I-82 when during the argument, Kuban allegedly stabbed th

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