With Josh Hamilton's 4 home-run game this past Tuesday Night against the Baltimore Orioles and seeing all the footage and pictures floating around the internet it made me think which MLB players have the best tattoos.

So a little searching and vuala, Focker's Top 5 Best Inked Up Ball Players.


#5 -  Jose Reyes(Miami Marlins) - Born in the Dominican he's a 4-time All-Star and led the majors in triples in 2005, 2006 and 2008. Shortstop for the Miami Marlins Jose's got both sleeves covered including a spiderweb on his left elbow and a portrait of his daughter on his left shoulder. You also may notice a nautical star on his right forearm.




#4 - Prince Fielder(Detroit Tigers) - Playing first base for the Detroit Tigers this is a man you do not want to upset. His size alone scares even the best on the mound and if he charges just pretend to be DEAD! Covered in LOVE, his knuckles and right hand prove that. He also claims that a little simple smiley face on his right hand is one of his favorite tattoos.



#3 - Henry Blanco(Arizona Diamondbacks) - Born in Venezuela, he's known as 'Hank White' by his teammates. As the catcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks when it comes to tattoos he's got some competition with the 3rd baseman.(You'll see below). Henry has the tribal tattoos going up both arms along with the word 'Hank' representing the love his fellow teammates have given to him.



#2 - Josh Hamilton(Texas Rangers) - On Tuesday this beast took the Orioles deep a total of 4 times, yeah that's right 4 home runs in one game. Left fielder for the Texas Rangers I personally believe he gets his power from flames on his left arm. Either way this guy is a threat at the plate and takes the #2 spot on my Top 5 Best Inked Up Ball Players.




#1 - Ryan Roberts(Arizona Diamondbacks) - My number 1 Best Inked Up Ball Player in the major leagues is Ryan Roberts, third baseman for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He received his first tattoo which was a cross with a crown and thorns attached for his 18th birthday. Other notable markings are a bulldog that represents his high school friends. His latest are the image of 2 little footprints on top of both of his own feet that are those of his 1 year old daughter. By the way, both of those tattoos Ryan did himself.



Check out more pics of my Top 5 Best Inked Up Ball Players. How does your top 5 compares to Focker's? Leave your comment below.