Small single-man aircraft was trying to drop souvenirs into grandstands, done in by t-shirt.

  No information was released by the racetrack, and no other news reports have surfaced about this incident, but it appears a publicity stunt at Hermiston Super Oval went terribly wrong Saturday night.

In a 97 Rock exclusive, we spoke with a number of witnesses who were in the grandstands that night.  They said a small ultralight aircraft being used to drop prizes to fans in the grandstands between races crashed in a field just North of the track.   Hermiston Super Oval is located on the Highway 395 hill on the North side of town.

According to the fans the pilot was flying VERY low over the track when he first dropped a number of hats that missed their target and landed on the racing surface.

Then while trying to drop t-shirts to the crowd, the first one blew back, got sucked into the propeller, instantly killing the engine!  Whoops!  One fan said when that happened the aircraft  "Went down like a stone!"

The plane had just enough momentum to carry it beyond the race facility as it plummeted, then slammed down hard into a field next to the track.   Witness told Newstalk 870 the force of the crash appeared to have at least shaken up the pilot.  The track ambulance was sent to the crash site.  Some witnesses said the pilot was seen walking around after the wreck.  No official word if he required treatment, or went to the hospital.

Witnesses said the conditions near Hermiston Saturday night were VERY windy.  The pilot appeared to be having a LOT of trouble controlling his aircraft.   One witness said the pilot (and the track) should have probably called it off because of the gusts.

No other information has been available.