Now that hard alcohol can be purchased in pretty much every grocery store, Gov. Inslee is expected to sign off on a bill that will require automated check out machines at stores to freeze a transaction that involves alcohol.

That way, the cashier overseeing the self-checkout can verify your ID and make sure you're 21 or older. Inslee pushed for the bill back in February, and it passed both houses in Olympia.

The unanswered question is, does the self-checkout technology have the capability to sense when an alcohol purchase is being made? There is currently debate.

While officials with the Northwest Grocery Association say the self-checkout machines can perform this task, often one employee oversees 6-8 of the machines. According to reports, if an employee misses a transaction and the person turns out to be under-age,  the worker could potentially lose their job.

Some stores indicate they will have to possibly hire additional checkers just to make sure they can monitor the stands.

An official timetable for the law to take effect has not been made public.