Monday Oct. 4 is a big day in WA state when it comes to vaccines.

While the 'deadline' is Oct. 18th, with Inslee's 'get the shot or get fired' mandate, in order to meet that 'deadline,' you have to receive your first dose of Pfizer or Maderna vaccine, or the J-J shot. This does not apply if you have been given an exemption. You will have to get the first dose Monday Oct. 4 or else you won't meet the state's 'deadline' to be 'compliant' by 10-18.

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Figures are all over the place as to how many state workers or affected workers are going to be considered 'compliant.'  The state has already blinked in giving a large extension to King County Union workers.

If your job is under the vaccine mandate umbrella, we'd like to know. Take our poll. You can vote without revealing who you are.

Speaking of jobs, there could be companies significantly affected, as well as state agencies, by people who quit or choose to retire over vaccine mandate.


Here are 50 of your favorite retail chains that no longer exist.


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