A few weeks ago, we reported on the Grant County jail inmate who chose to take advantage of his privileges and literally walk away from the jail July 4 weekend.

In fact, he made it onto Washington's Most Wanted Crime TV show, which is featured on Seattle's Fox Q 13 TV.

25-year-old Carlos Camerena had earned various jobs in the jail kitchen, but as we reported earlier:

"According to Grant County officials, Camarena was working in the kitchen as a trustee as he served his 240 day (six month) term related to burglary and theft. He had certain rights as part of that job, according to Sheriff's Department officials."

He went to take out the trash, and never came back on July 4.

Now, Grant County Sheriff's Deputies report he was located and apprehended Sunday morning. He was found at a home in northeast Ephrata.

Camerena at first refused to come out for Deputies, but eventually followed commands and was taken into custody without incident.

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A 39-year-old woman in the home, identified as Linda Zaragoza, was also taken into jail on an outstanding felony warrant. No one else was in the home at the time. It is not known if anyone else is being sought in connection with the incident, perhaps anyone accused of assisting or hiding a fugitive.

Deputies say an anonymous tip helped lead them to the home and the recapture of the suspect.


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