Not sure the nature of the crimes involved, but apparently a bail bond company in Arkansas has alerted residents in Richland and the Tri-Cities to be on the lookout for this guy.

Joshua A. Rankin is listed by Gulley Bail Bonds of Jonesboro, Arkansas as being a wanted fugitive, with a reward being offered. He has a tattoo of the words "Love Never Dies" on his chest, and a marijuana leaf on his back.

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Gulley says he was last seen hanging out in a park on Benham Street in Richland but did not say when. He has also been known to frequent homeless shelters.

What Else Do We Know?

He has felony warrants out of Greene County Arkansas, but we don't know the crime. His age was also not listed in the wanted information.

Gulley says anyone who sees him, please notify local authorities or call Gulley Bail Bonds at 870-931-9500.
Courtesy of Gulley Bail bonds

gulley bail bond suspect (Gulley Bail Bonds Facebook)
gulley bail bond suspect (Gulley Bail Bonds Facebook)

Several attempts to find out if he has local ties to our area were not successful. Unconfirmed reports indicate he may have been taken into custody, but have not heard from local law enforcement.

We did find this image from the Greene County Arkansas Jail as well.

Green County Arkansas Jail
Green County Arkansas Jail

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