Ironically enough it's been four years since the release of Four Year Strong's major-studio debut, 'Rise or Die Trying', and they show no signs of weakness with their new album 'In Some Way, Shape, or Form'. Not only does their music kick ass, but it's good inspiration for the last week No Shave November.

They've been well known in Warped Tour circles 'for years' (pun intended), but with their new album, I think they will see more mainstream success. They maintained their original lineup until earlier this year when the band decided to split ways with Josh Lyford and continue the band without the use of synthesizers/keyboards. They're sound is not quite as heavy as it was in the old days as they have cooled out on the breakdowns, but I think that is natural progression. It's still got a fast tempo with its heavy moments and, who are we kidding, it just straight up rocks. Check out their video below for the new song 'Stuck In The Middle' and listen into the X-Reactor weeknights at 11pm for more new stuff from Four Year Strong.

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