A band that takes its name from a famed rum pillaging pirate city off the coast of North Carolina is alright in my book.

Kill Devil Hill. The supergroup that features Rex Brown from Pantera and Down, and Vinny Appice from Heaven & Hell, Black Sabbath and Dio. 'Nuff said.

Kill Devil Hill are not pulling any punches, straight up, in your face, rock 'n roll! The band has been in the works and talked about for the last year or so, and just last month they released their self titled debut, full of great and diverse tracks. From the haunting sounds of "Gates of Hell", the slow grind of "Time & Time Again", and the thrashy lead track "War Machine", you'll find yourself letting the album roll from beginning to end.

Check out the tracks "Strange" and "Voodoo Doll" below and go buy a CD or download the album on iTunes, Amazon, or wherever you get your music from. CRANK IT!

Kill Devil Hill
Jason "Dewey" Bragg (Pissing Razors) - Vocals
Mark Zavon (Ratt, W.A.S.P.) - Guitar
Rex Brown (Pantera, Down) - Bass
Vinny Appice (Heaven & Hell, Black Sabbath, Dio) - Drums


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