Snow pack experts are warning the Cascade Mountains don't have enough water to meet demands this summer. Snow pack is like a water savings account. When it melts slowly it provides water all year. When it melts quickly there will be none left by late summer and fall. The beautiful, dry spring we've had spells trouble.

If you're not a farmer, maybe this doesn't worry you. I for one have been LOVING the warm, dry weather so far. But here's a few things you may not have thought of:

  • 1

    No campfires

    During a drought the state parks forbid campfires. How can you camp without a fire pit?

  • 2

    Poor air quality

    In a drought wildfires become more common. Even if you're lucky enough to not be near one, the smoke spreads for hundreds of miles. Also dust storms increase.

  • 3

    Ugly grass

    Say goodbye to beautiful green grass this summer.

  • 4

    Strain on food banks and other charities

    Droughts always bring wildfires and that means evacuees and maybe even refugees. The Red Cross, food banks and animal shelters will seek extra donations.

  • 5

    Gross river water

    The spring run off cleans out the Yakima and Columbia Rivers. Without it, the water in summer is always smelly and you end up with ear infections.