aerial view of 4th and Ainsworth, where the crash was reported (Google earth)
aerial view of 4th and Ainsworth, where the crash was reported (Google earth)

A man trying to cross a set of railroad tracks in East Pasco Sunday was struck and killed by a train when hst car was hit, say Pasco Police.

The man apparently trying to drive across tracks around 10:27 AM

Pasco Police were called to an area near South 4th Ave. and the East Ainsworth Overpass after a report the car was hit by a train.

The man's age has not been released, Pasco Police did not release a lot of information, but did say they are working to ID him.

  Where he was trying to cross tracks is not clear

Authorities didn't specify where he was trying to cross, but apparently, the man drove out in front of it. Train operators hit their horns and the car appeared to brake, but there was not enough time to avoid a collision. The train was traveling at an estimated 25 MPH, which is the speed limit for them in this area.

A look at 4th Ave. doesn't show any crossings, marked or otherwise, in that area. The Ainsworth overpass takes drivers over the top above the tracks. The nearest railroad crossing is nearly 1.2 miles north at "A" street.

To the south, there are no other crossings between Ainsworth and the railroad bridge over the Columbia River.

If satellite images are correct and the location was near 4th and Ainsworth, he may have been trying to cross in an area that had no access, but that has not been confirmed by any officials.

More information is expected to be released.


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