Drinking on the job is never a good idea, and that goes double when your chosen profession includes illegal activities that can send you to prison. We’re referring, of course, to this Russian dude who was caught having a little post-drinking nap in a woman’s house when he was supposed to be robbing the place. Seriously, it’s just unprofessional.

According to the authorities, an unidentified man allegedly broke into this woman’s apartment somewhere near Moscow, and got positively hammered drunk on a bottle of vodka that he found while robbing the place.

That did not work out so well for the alleged thief who upon ransacking the apartment found himself far to inebriated to even make a run for it without squeezing in a little nap first. We would have at least tried to make it to the back alley.

Of course, things took a turn for the worse after the owner of the apartment arrived and noticed that the lock on the door had been busted, and then called the police.

When authorities finally arrived, they found the loot all packed up ready to go and one extremely boozed up bandit passed out cold in the owner’s bed.

The man is now facing 10 years in prison for robbery, which might end up being a miracle in disguise. If we were him, we wouldn’t be able to show our faces in public for at least a decade.

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