Late Monday night, a 49-year-old man was arrested after a bizarre sequence of events in South Kennewick.

Deputies were on their way to a disturbance call, said to be in the Finley area, when the red vehicle in the picture sped past them. He was traveling in the same direction. However, as his speeds became well over the limit, he refused to pull over for the officers.

Finally after Deputies used their PA to order the man to pull over, he did. The suspect became combative, telling the Deputies he was investigating a murder, they were hindering his investigation, and he would kill the deputy and anyone else who tried to stop him.

According to nearby witnesses the final stop occurred near 27th and Oak, somewhere behind the Benton County Fairgrounds.

SWAT was quickly called after his vehicle was blocked in, and the man (whose name was not released) was arrested on charges of Obstuction, Felony Threats, Failure to Stop, and Resisting Arrest.

No word from Deputies as to the 'validity' of the incident the man was allegedly 'investigating.' Officials said this incident was not related to the dispute they were originally responding to.

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