Have you ever gotten "lost" in Youtube? Clicking on relevant/suggested videos and getting way off base from the original video you were watching? Well, it happens to me on a daily basis.

Today, as I was searching for a System of a Down video, I was led to a live SOAD performance on Conan, then to an Adam Sandler/Deftones/Incubus collaboration, and eventually to a Youtube channel that contains a video for every Deftones song ever recorded. Seriously, all of them. Even going as far as putting together videos for the band members side projects like Team Sleep, Crosses, Kush, and more.

Watch this original video for one of my favorite Deftones tracks, 'Root'.

SideNote: According to Youtube's 'About' section, there are 48 hours worth of video uploaded every minute, resulting in 8 years of content being uploaded each and every day.