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What's Your Biggest Guilty Pleasure RIGHT NOW?
Guilty pleasures. We all have them. Some of us keep them secret. Some of us want the world to know. In 2018, let's start a trend of being honest with ourselves!
I'm a huge Madonna fan. This is a surprise to no-one. So that doesn't count...
Foo Fighters, 3 Doors Down, Weezer - See Them LIVE!
While you're hibernating this winter, your favorite bands have been making big plans for Washington state.
See who's going to be here, when and where. As always, listen to us for your chance to score tickets!
3 Doors Down (Acoustic) - January 16 @ Northern Quest
Night Ranger - January 18 @ Northern Que…
Linkin Park to Be Mercedes' New Engine?
Electric cars are a booming industry, but the cars themselves aren't boomy. They're notoriously quiet, and that can actually be hazardous to oncoming pedestrians.
Mercedes has been in talks with Linkin Park to engineer sounds simulating an "electric motor...
5 Fun Games to Play With Alexa
We all know Alexa can play music, read books, set alarms and timers. But did you know she can help you pass the time with games?
Stop Amazon From Tracking Your History
Here’s a quick fix during holiday shopping season!
Ever wanted Amazon to stop showing ads on different sites you visit of your shppping history?
Ghost Releases Devilishly Delicious Live Album
The enigmatic Ghost has blown away the world of rock and roll. The masked shredders have stirred controversy and critical acclaim into one big melting pot since the turn of the decade.
In 2015, "Cirice" won a Grammy for Best Metal Performance...