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Meet the Stanley Cup in Tri-Cities Next Week!
It's probably the most storied piece of hardware in sports.
It's the Stanley Cup. This is the only professional championship trophy in American sports to not be re-made every year. It's the same cup since 1893, with players and coaches getting their name engraved on it each year...
What Should the Seattle NHL Team Be Called?
Seattle is getting closer to getting an NHL team. With the absurd success the Vegas Golden Knights achieved in its inaugural season, it seems PNW hockey fans have a lot to get stoked for.
Who Remembers These???
A few weeks ago, my wife asked me "Whats that?" I got depressed.
It's my iPod Video! This thing came out in 2005, making it 13 years old. It's old enough to watch the new Mission: Impossible movie.
It may be in 7th grade, but this thing has given me so many memories...

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